THE BOY FROM NEW YORK CITY, the new musical by Floyd Mutrux is the story of the king and queen of New York rock ‘n’ roll, 1953-64: George Goldner, the most charismatic figure in the Golden Era of street-corner music and his great love affair with a Puerto Rican dancer named Reina.

They met when she was a hat check girl at the "Palladium," New York’s Spanish hot spot, where George’s first two bands, TITO PUENTE and MANGO SANTAMARIA became the stars of George’s first hit label, Tito Records. George was early rock ‘n’ roll’s most influential entrepreneur, one of the best mambo dancers in New York, rock 'n roll's first producer, and the man who invented the $100 handshake. THE BOY FROM NEW YORK CITY takes you inside rock’s early days; the trappings of fame and the belief that it will never end, the coming to terms with reality, that all things must pass, including "that place where there was no space in time,” where young lovers live, and Goldner and Reina were the real “king and queen“ of New York.

George Goldner